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Whispering Lake Townhome AssociationWhispering Lake Townhome Association Whispering Lake Townhome Association Whispering Lake Association
Association Rules & Regulations

View: Umbrella Rules and Regulations

View: Townhome Rules and Regulations

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As members of the Association, all residents share a common interest in:

•  Maintaining the appearance and general aesthetics of the property.

•  Living in harmony with respect for all residents of our community.

•  Maintaining full homeowner property values.

Dog Owners
The common courtesy of removing dog feces when your dog relieves itself would be appreciated. Please keep our property looking it's best. Thank-You !

To clarify the boundaries of ownership, you have purchased a condominium, which includes the air space between the walls and ceilings of the dwelling unit, including the basement and attic. The exterior components of the dwelling unit such as the siding and roofing are owned and maintained by the Townhome Condominuim Association. All other common areas surrounding the structures including but not limited to the Clubhouse, lawns, driveways, walkways, roads and open areas are controlled and are maintained by the Umbrella Association (the Master Association).

To provided for the orderly and proper administration and maintenance of the Common Area, and for the architectural control of the dwelling units, the Umbrella Association Board shall have the responsibility for administering and maintaining the Common Area and for providing certain services to each Residential Association and their members.

Whispering Lake Townhome Association

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